PTFE High temperature resistant anti adhesive cloth, PTFE conveyor belt, PTFE mesh conveyor belt, PTFE adhesive tape, PTFE adhesive tape, Kvila, polyester mesh and other products.
BK124 Kevlar drying net BK124 Kevlar drying net

Product description

High strength Kevlar fiber fabric, Kevlar fiber network and polytetrafluoroethylene coating, used in drying, textile, printing and dyeing, baking, packaging, electronics and other industries, characterized by: Kevlar fiber uniform, high tensile strength, straight longitude and latitude, no deviation, high purity of the surface polytetrafluoroethylene, thick coating and excellent anti stickiness, Easy to clean, corrosion resistant, excellent processing technology.

Product application examples

·Drying and transporting of finished products of textile industry

·Heat shrinkable packer

·Dehydrating dryer for vegetables and fruit

·Automatic sealing machine

·Filter net

Product features

·The surface PTFE has high purity, thick and uniform coating

·Excellent anti viscous energy

·High degree of smoothness

·easy to clean

·The fiber is uniform and the tensile strength is high

,Continuous working temperature range from -70 C to +200 C

·Good electrical insulation performance

·Large strength, stable size, non deformation


·Corrosion resistance


·Run smoothly, not run off

·Imported products

Technical data

Fiber type:
High strength Kevlar fiber
Mesh size:2mm*4mm
Standard width:3.35m
Standard length:100m
Working temperature:-70℃~200℃
Tensile strength:1400N/cm

Matters needing attention

The temperature should not exceed 500 /260 C within a reasonable range.

Never use a knife or sharp tool to clean the surface of fiberglass cloth.

Do not fold and squeeze

Cleaning and storage

Rinse with clean water

Dry up with a towel or paper towel

Roll up or keep it in flat


Different specifications can be provided according to customer needs